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Traditional Real Estate

The landscape of business is evolving, and as agents, we must do the same. We can no longer rely on a static brand, a singular revenue stream or traditional strategies.

At Ursini & Co., we believe in a new model that achieves sustainable growth and financial freedom in our business.

By joining our community, you’ll gain access to the essential tools, exclusive resources and life-changing partnerships to go from a transaction-reliant agent to a freedom-fueled entrepreneur. 

Breaking Down
the Barriers of

together we can

Build Life-Changing Partnerships

Achieve Time Freedom

Set Intentional Goals

Multiply Income Streams

Create Brand Eco-Systems

As new agents, we received a lot of *advice* - stick to one market, start with cold calling, host open houses (you know the drill).

But instead of relying solely on traditional methods, we mastered a digital approach to lead generation and used email marketing to nurture and gain trust.

In 2019, we both left our corporate careers and joined forces to embark on what we believed was our entrepreneurial journey.

How it All Began

And this became our secret weapon.

In time, the clients started to come in and the transactions started to flow. We loved the trusted relationships we developed and the financial reward that came from closing deals, but we slowly started to realize that we hadn’t become entrepreneurs - we just built ourselves another job. We had traded away a 9-5 for something that felt 24/7.

Our ability to earn income was directly tied to our availability to prospect for leads, show houses, and service deals. We weren’t in control of our own schedules and we weren’t free - if we took time off we were losing money. 

We were achieving some success yet still felt unfulfilled, so we started to think about who we were and what we truly wanted. 

That’s when we realized that we needed to go from being real estate agents to owning a real estate business.

We refused to accept the traditional idea of what a real estate agent should be and decided to create a new business model that aligned with our idea of success. 

And that’s how Ursini & Co. was born


Brittany & Christa


I’m a creative spirit with a knack for planning over-the-top events and a library full of personal development books. 


I’m a mom of three boys who thrives on multiple cups of coffee, handwritten to-do lists and pursuing my passions. 



The Sisters Behind the Co.

Brittany's Story

Even as a little girl, I had big dreams of working in the corporate world. But after a few years of practicing as a real estate attorney in Manhattan, I realized that my dream job wasn’t all that I imagined it to be. I desired to have a career that allowed me the freedom to work on my own terms and the opportunity to support my family’s financial future. 

So I became a real estate agent, but from the start I was on a mission to create a system that allowed me to be present with both my clients and my family, because I don’t believe in sacrificing happiness for success. I passionately believe in taking control of my own life and it lights me up to help others do the same.

I am on a continuous journey to build a business that values lifestyle and balance over hustle and burnout.

Christa's Story

Even my wedding had its own brand ('Once Upon an Hola' if you're curious). It's how my mind works and what brings me the most fulfillment. So when it came to my career as a real estate agent, this was no different.

I prioritized creating a brand that felt true to the type of business I wanted to become. One that used out-of-the-ordinary thinking and allowed me to still pursue multiple passions. It did not fit the mold of the industry but labeling myself as only a real estate agent felt so limiting. Now as an entrepreneur, I love evolving in all aspects of my life, celebrating the multi-faceted and encouraging others to fully express themselves in their brand. 

Coming from a creative background as a luxury real estate marketer, I have a natural tendency to design everything in life. 

Get to Know Us Better

We bring lifelong camaraderie to our work, our dreams and our goals. But here's a little bit more about what sets each of us apart.

very not into

those who know me best call me

Staying up past my bedtime

Small talk



other titles I hold

Didi by my 3 nephews
Kikita by my Peruvian familia

Momma by my 3 boys
Attorney by practice

relies on the other to

Make everything grammatically correct

Make everything look pretty

very into

(is there anyone who is though?)

Comfy rompers

(in my home decor & my red wines)

Vintage finds

(after 10pm is unlikely)

(pronounced Keek)

(bonus if they have pockets)



-susan david, phd

Break away from the traditional role of a real estate agent and expand beyond transactions. 

Scale our businesses and leverage our strengths to achieve time and financial freedom. 

Create meaningful connections and explore life-changing pursuits.  

"Appoint yourself

the agent of your own life

and take ownership of

your own development,

and work connections."

career, creative spirit,


At Ursini & Co., we’ve adopted these words as the philosophy for our community. Here, we believe that each of us holds the creative power to set our lives in the direction we choose.

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